KBUR: Los Angeles’ Quiet AvGeek Airport


Los Angeles, California. It's the second-largest city in the United States, the gateway to the Pacific, and it is home to nearly 4 million people. When flying in and out of LA, most people think to fly into LAX. The only problem is, LAX is super crowded, hard to get around, and overall kind of a mess. But there are actually four other LA airports, all strategically placed to serve each part of the Los Angeles area. We have done a story on Long Beach airport in the southern part of the LA basin, read that article here: https://www.worldtravelreport.net/long-beach-ca-klgb-airport-guide


Today, I'm here to tell you about another one of those four airports, this one is located in Hollywood and is an AvGeeks dream airport. What airport am I talking about you ask? Burbank, that's what I'm talking about. Hollywood-Burbank airport brings back the old school charm of airports yet serves a large number of destinations all across the U.S. 


Burbank has two terminals located side by side. Terminal A and Terminal B. Southwest is the leading airline at the airport serving various cities all over the West Coast, and Midwest. On top of that Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, jetBlue Airways, and United Airlines service the airport. One of the enormous advantages of BUR is the always easy check-in and security process. Theoretically, you could arrive at the airport one hour to your departure time and still be able to check-in, go through TSA, and board your aircraft. Note there is no TSA Pre-Check line in terminal B, but TSA will make a distinctive mark on your boarding pass, allowing you to follow standard Pre-Check procedures. 


Now, why is the airport such an AvGeek favorite? It's because the airport has no jet-bridges! You walk directly out onto the tarmac and walk-up airstairs/ramps to get onto your plane. Remember the airplanes are also pretty decent-sized as well. Sure, the airport does see regional aircraft such as CRJ-200's but Southwest and jetBlue bring in larger B737 and A320 aircraft, giving you the experience to get up close and personal with these magnificent jets. 


Now to airport amenities. Burbank has a small variety of fresh and pre-prepared foods, various news shops and decent holding areas. Plus, the airport offers its passengers free high-speed Wi-Fi. I do also want to make a quick note that the average time from check-in to gate takes less than five minutes of actual walking, and to get to your plane is not far from your departure gate. 


The only part that is a bit of a walk is to the rental car garage, but no worries, the airport provides a lovely moving walkway system under an outdoor covered area to get you to your car. On-site parking is $34 per day and slightly more for valet services. 


Destinations served nonstop by airline:


Alaska Airlines: Portland (OR), San Jose (CA) (Ends November 5th, 2019), and Seattle/Tacoma 


American Airlines/American Eagle: Dallas/Ft. Worth and Phoenix-Sky Harbor


Delta Airlines/Delta Connection: Atalnta and Salt Lake City


jetBlue Airways: Boston, and New York-JFK

JetSuite X: Concord (CA), Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix-Sky Harbor and Seasonal Service to Mammoth Lakes 


Southwest Airlines: Chicago-Midway, Dallas-Love Field, Denver, Houston-Hobby, Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix-Sky Harbor,

Portland (OR), Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Jose (CA), and Seasonal Service to Nashville 


Spirit Airlines: Las Vegas

United Airlines/United Express: Denver, San Francisco


Overall Burbank is not only a great airport; it is much less of a hassle than most of the LA airports, especially LAX. It is just a short drive to most Northern LA and Ventura County cities. If you have the option, try to fly out of Hollywood-Burbank Airport!


We at WorldTravelReport hope this airport guide will help you to travel the Burbank airport with a little more ease. 


-Brandon Aronoff

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