LSE: A “Small” Regional Airport on the Wisconsin/Minnesota Border

The La Crosse Regional Airport seems small, and if you just look at it is. Quite a bit goes on here, however, but it is still one of the most unintimidating airports I’ve flown out of. It is my home airport so I’ve flown out of it several times and I know it very well. 

Two airlines serve LSE. Delta serves Minneapolis/St Paul, and American Eagle serves Chicago O’hare. From there, you can connect to almost anywhere. 

The La Crosse Regional Airport has one main building. In it is the terminal, checking counters, security, rental car kiosks, and security. When you all in the door, the first thing you’ll see is Delta’s Checking Counters on the right and American Eagle’s on the left. They also both have self serve Check-In kiosks. The ladies that work there are very helpful and kind and want to make your experience the best ever. In the same lobby area, there is also a military lounge for those who served. Plus, a nursing mother's room located under the backside of the escalators. And finally, the last pre-security amenity is a Pet Relief Area locates outside. 

From there, you will continue onto security, which is up the stairs/escalator and to the right. It is operated by TSA and has both a Pre-Check and regular line. Usually, the regular line is just as fast as the Pre-Check line. Hardly ever do two flights depart at once. 

Once through security, you will enter the main waiting area. The terminal was just recently remodeled, and it is quite lovely. The waiting area contains bathrooms, water fountains, a play area for kids, and free WiFi. There are outlets built in to all the seats for on the go charging. There is also the ArrowHead Tap House restaurant. It is a combination of a bar, restaurant, and gift shop. They serve all meals, local beers, and coffee and tea. In the terminal, there are three gates. American usually departs out of Gate 2 and Delta out of Gate 3. Gate 1 is occasionally used for Sun Country Casino Charters that fly out of LSE. 
If you are arriving into LSE, that is also a very easy process. After you come down the escalator, the baggage claim is to the right. The workers are usually very quick about getting bags out. There are also rental car kiosks right next to the baggage claim. 


If you are looking to fly in privately, the airport FBO is located just across the airport, Colgan Air Services. There you can have your plane refueled, relax in the remodeled waiting area, and grab a snack from the vending machine. You can park your plane on the ramp for the night or arrange to have your plane stored in a hangar. 
While this airport is small, a lot goes on in this airport. I hope this guide will give you a less stressful visit to LSE. Enjoy La Crosse! 


-Charlie Roskos
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