Long Beach: LA's Highest Quality Airport....

When going to the Los Angeles area you have 5 different airports you can fly to. These are LAX, Orange County/Santa Ana, Ontario, Burbank, and Long Beach. 


I have been to all 5, and have found the small little airport in South LA with jetBlue as the main carrier to top-notch. 


Long Beach has had a rich history as an airport. It currently has 11 gates. Gates 1-4 are operated by American, Delta, Southwest and  Hawaiian Airlines. Gates 5-11 are all used by jetBlue.


jetBlue has been serving the airport for many years, long before the modernization process took place which was completed on December 12th, 2012. (12-12-12) jetBlue serves the airport nonstop to Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, New York-JFK, Oakland, Portland (OR), Reno/Tahoe, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, San Jose (CA), Seattle/Tacoma and seasonal flights to Bozeman, MT, 


Delta flies to Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, American to Phoenix, Southwest to Denver, Las Vegas, Oakland, Sacramento, and San Jose (CA) and lastly, Hawaiian who serves Honolulu.

Now to the terminal in itself. I only came through Long Beach on a connection arriving from Las Vegas and departing on a redeye to JFK, so I did not see the ticketing or arrivals area. Also, I did not experience the TSA lines here so I cannot comment on wait times.

The interior of the terminal, however, is one of the most modern and beautiful ones I have ever seen in the 150+ airports I've been to. Both sides of the terminal 1-4 and 5-11 are pretty much mirrored. 


The coolest part of the airport is how the two concourses connect. They are connected outdoors with a wooden path full of lights and trees and, it's all airside! (after you pass through TSA) Gates 1-4 features a seafood restaurant and an amenity shop, while 5-11 features many restaurants with delicious food, a greek place, burger joint, coffee shop, taco stand, and a sit-down bar/restaurant with outdoor seating!!! Plus its own large amenity store. I've never seen anything like this in any airport before. 


Long Beach airport truly does not feel like an airport, everything was modern and clean even the bathrooms and holding areas. 

Another neat thing about LGB, especially for all those AvGeeks out there is, the airport has no jet bridges so you board all the aircraft by airstairs and platforms. Going up to an Airbus A320 that way is pretty fun. If you need a wheelchair to board the aircraft you are able to by using the ramp platforms, so no need to worry about that. 


Overall I am impressed by Long Beach and really recommend you fly there while going into the LA basin, trust me you won't regret it.


-Brandon Aronoff

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