Brandon Aronoff- Founder & Writer


Welcome to WorldTravelReport! My name is Brandon Aronoff and I created the website to share experiences from avid travelers and aviation gurus alike to allow you to see the world in a new perspective.... 

A little more about me, I'm a complete and total AvGeek who loves nothing more than being up in the air going 500+ MPH going to new places and experiencing different ways of life. Follow along to see all of our adventures throughout this great World!


Charlie Roskos- Writer & Photographer


Hi! My name is Charlie Roskos and I’m from La Crosse, Wisconsin. I work at Colgan Air Service at the La Crosse Regional Airport. I'm an avid photographer and writer, I take my camera everywhere I go and always try to take pictures of everything I see. Plane spotting has been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember and I’ve often considered becoming a pilot. Being out in nature is a close second favorite of mine. To me, the smell of nice clean is air is just as awesome as the smell of burning Jet A fuel in the air…weird right? I’m excited to be a writer and photographer for WorldTravelReport to share my experiences with you! Follow me on Instagram @aviation_charlie301. I hope you enjoy the website!


Anthony Faraone- Social Media Director & Photographer

Hello! My name is Anthony Faraone. I’m a photographer and social media specialist based out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, I’ve been watching planes ever since i was a few months old, and started spotting with a camera in December of 2015. Plus I started my Instagram @aviation_ftlauderdale in October of 2016. I'm thrilled to show you the photos and content I provide!

Bennett Ashton- Writer & Photographer


Hello! My name is Bennett Ashton I was born in London, Ontario but now live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I have loved airports and flying ever since I was young. I love to travel and see new places! I am currently working on my private pilot's license.  I'm excited to share my work with you here on WorldTravelReport! Check me out on Instagram @msp_Spotting

Andrew Mittelstadt- Writer


Hi Everyone! My name is Andrew Mittelstadt and I am Boeing 737 First Officer for one of the leading global airlines. Plus, I'm a huge travel enthusiast. My wife and I live in central Colorado where we enjoy anything and everything outdoors. My career and travels have brought me to over 50 countries worldwide and 49

U.S. states. Follow and reach me on Facebook or Instagram! @talldiscretions